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"Cara Mia" is a popular song published in 1954 that became a UK number 1 and US number 10 hit and Gold record for English singer David Whitfield in 1954 and a #4 hit for the American rock group Jay and the Americans in 1965. Jay & The Americans' version went into the charts in the Netherlands when it was re-released in 1980. The title means "my beloved" in Italian.


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graag stappen says

"Bought a denim jacket (article 1521548) Jacket has no pockets whatsoever. Only 2 big pieces of cloth on the inside that look like pockets on the photo's cloth is open at the bottom and impossible to sew shut without damage to the outside as it's single layer denim. So you will always see stitches."

atyaf tx says

"Hello, I have a problem which is that I have not received my money yet, because my order was returned without my knowledge and my approval, which is orded Number (496639380) ، and I was told that the money was returned and the fact that not a single penny was returned to my account, more than a month has passed and I have been waiting I want to look into the matter and get my money back right now!"

Jessica Tyers says

"I've been an ASOS customer for 3 years and have never had a problem with them until now. I always place large orders and return what doesn't fit or what I don't like - as do most people do I'm sure. I do after all have the next day delivery membership. Long story short - I returned one of the items, a crochet dress, which was unworn with all tags attached (one of which was attached to the outside of the body - level with the waist no less). The crochet arrived damaged with a rip. I didn't actually even try this one on as the neckline was a weird v - too low down and not like the picture. Returned as per the process and a week later I had an email from ASOS to say they would not honour the refund, because the item was worn?!? With tags flapping about? Honestly I wish I could attach photos to this review - it was actually laughable. After numerous emails and a Resolver complaint I they eventually agreed to the refund. No apologies for sending me a dodgy dress or messing me around. I doubt I'd ever use ASOS again now. Incase this helps anyone - I found the head office number online on the resolver website which is 020 7756 1000."

Natalie Ramroop says

"Horrible customer service. I have been shopping from ASOS for years, last month was he first time I wanted to return some items so I made a return slip from my account but I never received the actual return slip in my email. Yes, I checked my spam. I emailed them telling them I need a return slip and they keep telling me to go on their website and make one... I keep telling them I already did and yet their response is the same. ** Once you make a return slip you can’t make another one for the same items. I have well over $100 worth of items that just don’t fit me and now it’s a waste because their not helping me I’m so frustrated. They won’t give me a number so I can speak to someone and it’s like their not even reading my emails to understand how to help"

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